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The Heart of the City project consists of several civic related developments to revitalise Tauranga’s city centre.

Willis Bond was selected after a competitive process in 2017 to become Tauranga City Council’s development partner to deliver the Heart of the City project.

The Heart of the City project is a series of central city buildings on Council owned land, master planned by Willis Bond to generate a new civic heart to the city.

Willis Bond has signed a partnering agreement with the Tauranga City Council which enables the following:

  • Achieving value for the Tauranga community;
  • Ensuring quality and consistency in developments;
  • Provision of a long-term developer partner, who shares Tauranga City Council’s vision for the potential for Tauranga to be a regional leader; and
  • Willis Bond’s involvement in master planning and place making at the inception of each projects life.

Located in Willow Street and Durham Street, Willis Bond will be initially working with the Tauranga City Council to deliver:

  • A new civic administration building;
  • A new city centre library;
  • Master planning and consenting a new hotel; and
  • Associated public open space.