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Wynyard Central apartments set new sustainability standard with unprecedented Homestar rating

29 October 2015. Source: New Zealand Green Building Council

This week Wynyard Central became the first large-scale multi-unit residential development to achieve a Homestar Design rating for sustainability and energy efficiency.

Homestar is the independent system that rates the health, comfort, efficiency and sustainability of New Zealand homes on a scale of one to 10. 

Wynyard Central has set a high benchmark with all residences achieving a minimum 7 Homestar Design rating. By comparison, a typical new home built to minimum Building Code requirements would rate around 3 or 4 Homestar.

The high-end Wynyard Central development consists of 113 apartments and townhouses currently under construction in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter. The development is the first to be rated under the updated Homestar tool, adapted specifically for multi-unit developments.

Wynyard Central developer Willis Bond & Co is the principal sponsor of the Homestar tool update.

“Willis Bond & Co has a long history of setting new standards for innovative and high-quality residences in New Zealand,” says managing director Mark McGuinness. “The Homestar system is a simple and effective way to inform customers about the quality and benefits of sustainable and energy efficient homes.” 

“Our aim is to create some of New Zealand’s greenest urban precincts. For buyers, a Homestar rating verifies the home has been designed for genuine sustainability.”

Alex Cutler, chief executive of the New Zealand Green Building Council – which runs Homestar – says Wynyard Central has set an inspiring example.

“Customers are becoming more informed about the sustainability credentials of a home – how they contribute to lower running costs and have a lighter footprint in the long term. Willis Bond & Co has recognised that early and designed Wynyard Central to be an enduring asset for Auckland.”

Passive design

Passive design is a focus of Wynyard Central, with apartments requiring no artificial heating and cooling for 80 percent of the year and no artificial lighting in living spaces for 80 percent of annual daylight hours. 

Other sustainability attributes include:

Ella Osborne of eCubed was the Homestar Assessor for Wynyard Central. The revised Homestar (version 3) will be formally launched to industry on 12 November 2015.